Elevate Your Property Development with IMMERSIV

Transform your project presentations and sales strategy with IMMERSIV’s advanced visualization tools. Our comprehensive suite of services empowers developers to showcase their properties in unprecedented detail, from the first glance at the exterior to the deepest dive into interior spaces.

Exterior Visualization

Discover the future of property showcasing with exterior visualization options tailored to projects of any size. Experience a new dimension of engagement and interactivity:

  • Interactive exploration of individual apartments, complete with detailed floor plans and essential information.

  • Ground-level activation to captivate potential buyers from the first moment.

  • Integration of local area 3D digital twin topography, capturing the essence of the surrounding infrastructure.

  • Highlights of up to 10 surrounding location vantages, such as schools and airports, to showcase the project’s strategic location.

  • A centralized marketing gallery featuring renders, floorplans, and videos to provide a comprehensive overview of the project.

  • An interactive lot availability search, sun study function, and live compass, enriching the buyer’s journey.

  • Access to a CRM dashboard for detailed usage analytics, enhancing sales strategies and customer engagement.

Interior Visualization

Step inside the future of architectural visualization with interior packages that bring every space to life:

  • Multiple kitchen and bathroom schemes to cater to diverse buyer preferences.

  • Entire floorplan real-time architectural digital twin for an immersive showroom and online experience.

  • Detailed fixtures and fittings, offering a glimpse into the quality and style of the interiors.

  • Time of day function and interactive level changer to explore properties in varying lighting and perspectives.

  • Teleport mode for an innovative navigation experience.

  • A gallery to showcase floorplans, renders, animations, and lifestyle videos, providing a rich narrative of the property.

  • Access to CRM dashboard for insightful usage analytics, optimizing marketing efforts and customer interaction.

Enhanced Visualization and Interaction

  • 3D and Real-Time Renders: Captivating interior and exterior perspectives, available as standalone renders or integrated into the IMMERSIV real-time tour.

  • Animation: Photo-realistic interior and exterior flythrough perspectives, crafted to showcase every element of the project with cinematic quality.

  • Sales Showroom: A fully equipped local showroom setup, including wall-mounted displays and desktop activation, offering a tangible experience of the property.

  • Online Streaming: 24/7 access to your project online, with high-definition streaming to ensure the best possible presentation quality.

Transformative Experiences Await

With IMMERSIV, push the boundaries of what’s possible in property development and sales. Our visualization solutions offer an unmatched level of detail, realism, and interactivity, setting a new standard for the industry.

Engage your clients like never before, provide them with an immersive experience that not only showcases but truly sells the vision of your development.

For more information on how to bring your project to life with IMMERSIV, contact us today.